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Belair Veterinary Hospital


Physical therapy and rehabilitation play a crucial role in enhancing the well-being and mobility of dogs. Physical therapy and rehab offers numerous benefits including improved mobility, reduced pain, accelerated recovery from injuries or surgery, enhanced strength, and flexibility, and overall improved quality of life. These interventions are tailored to address specific conditions, promoting a faster and more efficient recovery for your fur baby.

Purpose of Canine Rehab:

  • Improve Mobility: Address and alleviate musculoskeletal and neurologic issues.

  • Pain Management: Reduce pain associated with injuries or conditions.

  • Recovery Support: Aid in the recovery process post-surgery or injury.

  • Enhance Quality of Life: Improve overall functional abilities.

Common Conditions Treated:

  • Arthritis

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Ligament Tears

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Professional Involvement:

You will meet with one of our veterinarians, Dr. True, to discuss your concerns and needs. The doctor will then develop and present you with a recommended treatment plan, including frequency of visits, costs, and expected outcome.

Rehabilitation is always a collaborative approach involving the pet owner, the veterinarian and our technician team. The initial visit and period rechecks will be lead and supervised by the doctor. Regular rehab appointments will be led by technicians who are familiar with the patient’s specific treatment plan. The owner plays a crucial role as they work with their pet to do recommended exercises at home, and monitor pet’s behavior and exertion.

Assessment and Treatment:

Initial Assessment: Evaluation of the dog's condition and mobility.

Tailored Treatment Plans: Customized exercises and therapies based on the assessment. Customized treatment plan will included recommendations on frequency and duration of rehab appointments.

Modalities: Includes a variety of exercises, laser therapy, and other therapeutic tools.

Home Exercise Programs:

Owners are often provided with exercises to continue at home. These exercises act as a supplemental resources to the physical therapy treatments and exercises that happen at Belair Veterinary Hospital.

Both at home and at the Hospital consistency in following the provided treatment plan is key for ensuring your dogs has the optimal results.

Duration and Frequency:

The frequency and duration of rehabilitation sessions depend on the dog's condition. The doctor will provide recommendations for both the frequency and duration of appointments.

Regular sessions may be needed for ongoing support.

Monitoring Progress:

The doctor will provide regular assessments to track improvements. As pets make progress adjustments to the treatment plan may be made based on the dog's response and progress.


Canine rehabilitation is a valuable tool for enhancing the overall health and happiness of your dog. Work closely with your veterinary team and rehabilitation specialists to create a tailored plan that addresses your dog's specific needs.