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Dr. Alexandra Beringer

stencil drawing of dog's face and body

Dr. Alexandra Beringer

Dr. Beringer grew up in Yorktown, VA backed up to the historic battlefields. She spent most of her days exploring the woods, rehabilitating wild animals and riding her two horses, Magic and Wrosalie. After her horse Wrosalie suffered a severe injury she became interested in veterinary medicine as she helped rehabilitate her.

She attended Virginia Tech for her undergraduate degrees and Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine with a focus on horses. She met her husband Steven at a swing dancing event during her time in Blacksburg VA. After vet school she eloped on the top of a mountain and  completed a year long equine internship at Woodside Equine Clinic in Ashland, Virginia. Once finished with her internship she joined a mixed animal practice in Southern Maryland to be closer to her husband stationed at Fort Meade. While she especially enjoyed equine medicine, with the arrival of her daughter, Lily, she decided staying up on call and working on colic all night was taking away time from her family. She decided to switch to small animal medicine and join the Belair family. She enjoys any type of small animal surgery and providing the best care possible for her patients.

She currently has a small farm with her two old horses Magic (31 years old) and Ro(19 years old), her dog Kenny, two cats Eli and Ashe and 17 chickens whom all have names and come when they are called. In her free time, she likes hiking, horseback riding, swing dancing, board games and rock climbing.