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Dr. Jessica True

DR. TRUE, veterinarian at Belair Veterinary Hospital in Bowie, MD

Dr. Jessica True

Dr. True is a dedicated veterinarian originally from Orange County, California. They began their academic journey at Chapman University, earning a BA in Sociology, before pursuing their BVSc at Massey University in New Zealand. Currently, they're working towards a CCRP certification from the University of Tennessee, reflecting their commitment to comprehensive care.

Professional Interests:

Dr. True's interests lie in medicine, advanced imaging including radiology and ultrasound, and rehabilitation therapy for injuries and chronic conditions. They also have a special fondness for exotics, particularly reptiles and small mammals.

Personal Life:

In their personal life, Dr. True is happily married to a volunteer firefighter. Their four-legged family includes Finn, Sister Abigail, Eyeball (cats), Bones (a Catahoula dog), and Mr. Mittens (a ball python).


Outside the clinic, Dr. True enjoys horseback riding, training Bones, rock climbing, and reading.

Notable Attributes:

Dr. True is known for their ever-changing hair colors and their dedication to giving senior dogs a loving retirement home, one at a time.